Eating Your Words

The fascinating origins of everyday culinary words and phrases

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Food glorious food!

Everything but the kitchen sink

Keep the pot boiling

Out of the frying pan

Salad days  

In the soup!

Cook one’s goose  

Give us a butchers!   

What a sauce!

A sandwich short of a picnic

Feeling groggy           

Just my cup of tea

Look to your laurels   

The spice of life      

In a nutshell   


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Many of the images have been found on the Flickr website and appear here under the terms of their Creative Commons licence.  

The owners of those images are credited below under the name of the entries by which they appear:

Eating William Murphy Eating Out In Brussels

Picnic Matt MacGillivray Ferryland Picnic

Café Dominic Alves  More Cafe Bar Restaurant / Trafalgar Street

Napkin  Didriks Flatware by David Mellor