Eating Your Words

The fascinating origins of everyday culinary words and phrases

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The result of much part-time research into the origins of culinary words, the Eating Your Words website was launched on 16th March 2014.


Although the site describes the histories of hundreds of food-related words or phrases, these are only a fraction of the number of possible entries. However, it was never the intention to create an exhaustive dictionary giving the meanings of culinary terms. Excellent such works of reference have existed for many years. Rather than just concentrating on meanings, the purpose of Eating Your Words is to provide an easy to use explanation of the origins of such words, coupled with explorations of how culinary words are related to one another and how they have evolved into popular phrases. Rather than providing an exhaustive reference of culinary words and phrases, the intention of Eating Your Words is to provide an entertaining mix of those that are most familiar or which have the most interesting origins.     


Whilst no reference work can be indisputably definitive, every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of the site’s content. The research for the site has been based either on primary sources such as original books or on the most respected references which were themselves based on primary materials. Readers may well find contrary information elsewhere but where differing accounts exist, I believe such uncertainty has been acknowledged within the relevant entries and that the origin given here is the most widely respected explanation.


The Eating Your Words website was designed by and is maintained by myself. The site is maintained in my spare time and the intention is to add to the site as time allows. Hopefully the site will work correctly on your device but if you encounter any issues, please report these via the contact page so they can be addressed as soon as possible.